Arne Norlander

Norsecon AB (Sweden)

Strategic Capabilities in Edge Operations

In Edge Operations (EO), operational characteristics are highly dynamic and non-linear; minor events, decisions and actions may have serious and irreversible consequences for the entire mission. A central part of managing these challenges is recognizing and accepting complexity as a driver of these critical mission characteristics, and by developing a Multi-Domain perspective at the individual, team and organizational levels.

A central component of Edge capabilities are Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs), based on integrating computation, networking, and physical processes. Researchers often generalize CPS as an integrated system of cyber and physical systems, where embedded computers and networks are used to compute, communicate, and control an aggregate of physical entities. CPS are crucial in most advanced industries: energy delivery systems, healthcare systems, transportation systems, or smart systems, e.g. smart cities, are a few examples.

Success in CPS-based EO requires highly capable Operational Awareness, with the abilities of perception and interpretation of a particular situation to provide the situational awareness, context, insight, foresight and task knowledge required for effective decision-making and action.

The operational environment stresses the need for Organizational Agility (OA), ensuring internal operations are matching the degree of turmoil in external environments, a principle known as requisite variety. This requires strategic elements and systems architectures comprising adaptive and versatile capabilities along with agile high-performance organizational structures.

Arne Norlander, PhD has over twenty years of experience as a leader and expert in strategic security, defence and government R&D, including positions as Staff Officer, Senior Scientist and Research Director at senior and executive levels in the Swedish Defence Research Agency and the Swedish Armed Forces Defence Staff.
Dr. Norlander is the Founder, CEO and Chief Science Officer at NORSECON AB, a consulting firm in Science, Engineering, Technology Foresight, Leadership, Concepts, Capabilities and Organizational Development, and Innovation Management.

Dr. Norlander has delivered more than seventy scientific publications and lectures regularly on science, technology and policy matters. He is active as a researcher, analyst, author and scholar, and his research work has been recognized for its significant international impact. His current research interests are: Cognitive Systems; Complex Adaptive Systems; Cyber-Physical Systems; Human-Technology-Organization; Artificial Intelligence; Cyber Security; Business agility; Innovation and R&D management; International Security and Defence Policy.

Dr. Norlander holds Masters, Licentiate and Doctoral degrees from Linköping University and diplomas in strategic leadership and innovation management from the Stockholm School of Economics. He is also a graduate in War Science, National Security, Strategy and Leadership from the Swedish Defence University.

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