José Augusto Montero

Alter Technology (España)

Evaluation of Conformity process for UAS / Drones

The declaration of conformity process for drones is the proposed solution provided by the European authorities to show compliance with the regulatory requirements stated in Regulation 2019/945 and applicable amendments.

This process aims the affixing of the CE marking and Class Label on a drone and also the sound power label, if applies.

 ALTER TECHNOLOGY, as the first Notified Body for this regulation, inside the open category, has adapted and developed different procedures to facilitate the declaration of conformity process to manufacturers.

The role of the Notified Body is a key role for certain classes inside the open category. Along the presentation this role will be explained in detail to provide clear concepts regarding the different paths manufacturers have to show compliance with the regulation.

 A general case will be presented in order to clarify concepts and the relation between the regulation, the acceptable means of compliance, and the role of the notified body.

José Augusto Montero Vizarreta is Electronics and Telecommunications engineer, and Master in RPAS (UAS). He has more than 6 years of experience managing and monitoring national and international projects inside the UAS market, and he is also ALTER’s representative in different global standardization and certification Working Groups of relevant entities and bodies such as ASD-STAN or ISO, and he is also the interface with different authorities such as EASA or EDA. Furthermore, he has been working in the development of the UAS business plan and services inside ALTER, defining key functional, operational and, product safety services.