PraveenKumar Prem

WIPRO Digital (Suiza)

Safety & Security in the era of smart ecosystems

A recent IOT security survey found 90% of the consumers lack confidence in the security of IOT devices. There are various vulnerabilities like Hijacked Devices Sending Spam Emails, Hijacked Devices Conscripted into Botnets, Home Intrusions, Remote Vehicle Hijacking. 

But more recently cities across the world are one after another trying to become so called Smart Cities. Smart city should be seen as a software ecosystem e.g., Internet of Things, defined as a dynamic evolution of software systems on top of a common technological platform offering a set of software solutions and services. Software ecosystems are gradually being used to support critical tasks and operations. 

Smart cities include concepts such as smart transportation, use of autonomous transportation systems like autonomous cars, subways, shipping, drones and improved management of infrastructure like power and water supply. This requires safe and resilient infrastructure and closer collaboration between governments. 

In this talk, I will cover the review of safety, security and resilience of smart cities.  

  • Framing safety, security and risks in smart cities 
  • Risk Governance of smart cities for software ecosystems 
  • Key issues in Governance of the ecosystems 

Only a city aiming at the security and public safety of the citizens can have the tag of being a smart city. Every initiative carried out by a smart city needs to start with making a boundary of safety, which is a stepping stone which can be drawn by the artificial intelligence today. 

Praveen is a digital enthusiast, strategist & implementer – a true practitioner. As a Principal – Digital at WIPRO Digital, Zurich, Switzerland, Praveen help business realise value embracing Digital. He currently supports a leading Swiss Banking client to embrace digital & agility, helping the clients make things that matter most to their end users and ensuring the engagement is a fun.
His areas of interest include applied innovation and application of Data Analytics, DevOps, AI in Digital Assurance & Quality Engineering. He is a technology leader specialising in driving adoption of Continuous Agile Delivery at scale using SAFe, DAD, Scrum@Scale involving emerging technologies like AI, DevOps & QE practices.
Over his 19 year’s career, Praveen has gained a wealth of experience by «failing, learning, growing, and succeeding» in many roles, including Software Product Engineering & Management, Software Testing, Agile & DevOps Coaching, and Organisational Change.
Praveen is ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Coach (ICP-ACC), Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (2011), Certified SAFe® Agilist, DevOps & Cloud trained. He has supported multiple conferences as volunteer, and a frequent speaker at International conferences.