As every edition, QA&TEST will open its doors, with two four hours tutorials in  parallel.

The first of them, led by Derk-Jan de Grood, working for Valori (The Netherlands) as senior test manager, will show us the keys to implement continuous integration and continuos deployment processes (CI/CD) in the organisation. CI/CD empowers organizations to bring their solutions in production fast and frequent

Derk-Jan de Grood will share the benefits of this concept and introduce eight conditions that from a testers perspective need to be met in order to make CI/CD a success.

Tutorials are sessions where the practical side has a very important value, therefore, we will work in small groups to exchange experiences, discuss what each one needs to improve, etc. The second tutorial will talk about on quality metrics and will be focused on agile developments. This tutorial will be given by Philip Lew, CEO of XBOSoft (USA)


When implementing software quality metrics, we need to first understand the purpose of the metric and who will be using it. Will the metric be used for measuring people, the process, illustrate the level of quality in software products, or drive towards a specific objective? QA managers typically want to deliver productivity metrics while management may want to see metrics that support customer or user satisfaction or cost related (ROI) initiatives. With agile development methods, we often lose sight that our primary objective is the same, quality. Many organizations are myopic on the primary objective of velocity. However, velocity means little without quality. Define quality for your organization with an agile looking glass with intermediate metrics that lead to both quality and velocity. Learn to develop and implement software quality metrics with actions toward improving on these two primary objectives.

After these two interesting tutorials, we’ll have the pleasure to attend the first Keynote of QA&TEST by Arjun Gadhia, Test Engineer in the Financial Times. His presentation, entitled Breaking News, will show us what his team has learned over the last few years, when the Financial Times website underwent some extremely important changes: From a small team to a large team. From QA to Engineers in Test. From deploying once every six weeks to deploying several times a day.

His talk will be about some of the things they’ve learnt in that process, and some of the things that they broke along the way. A clear example of digital transformation that can serve as inspiration to all companies involved in digitalization processes.