Call for Exhibitors – Grants for Startups

The 2nd edition of QA & TEST Safety & Security will take place in Madrid on 26 & 27 of March, and the organization is opening the exhibition hall to startups willing to integrate safe & sec aspects during their whole product life-cycle. QA&TEST will bring together professionals from sectors like fintech, mobile apps, automotive, medical healthcare, aeronautics, industry 4.0, etc. That is why QA&TEST is an excellent marketing tool to promote your brand image and your visibility.

Who can participate?

We are looking for startups willing to start the integration of safety and security in their product and application development. These grants for exhibitors are not limited to “commercial” solutions but also to tools not yet commercialised, coming from academic environments, young developers, etc… QA&TEST exhibition is not only a place to sell but also to seek environments and professionals to cooperate with.

Why should I participate?

When it comes to quality; QA&TEST is the leading conference in Europe. You can be part of our success formula and have profit which will reinforce your brand or impulse your developments

QA&TEST is a unique opportunity to target a specific, high profile market including Directors, Programme Managers, Project Managers.You will build and maintain contacts with our participants, key players in the technology business world. These contacts can prove valuable for new business ventures.

What do I obtain?

QA&TEST offers, thought this special call for exhibitors, the possibility for five startups to participate in our commercial exhibition at a very reduced price. These startups will benefit from having a booth in our exhibition hall and the rest of the promotional advantages for exhibitors, such us:

Banner stand

Your rollup in the exhibition hall and your logo and description in QA&TEST website

1000€   250€


Your rollup in the exhibition hall, with a table and two chairs, one invitation to the conference banquet and one free registration in the conference

2000€   500€

How do I apply?

Please fill in the call for exhibitors and send it to Any additional information you consider of interest for the evaluation can be attached (demo, more detailed information, video,…). The special call for exhibitors will be open until the 10th of March. Our technical committee (the same in charge of evaluating the Call for Papers and conform the programme) will evaluate the proposals received and those companies selected we will contacted afterwards.