Call for papers

QA&TEST 2023 Safety and Security – Third edition

QA&TEST Safety and Security is the international conference organised by Software Quality Systems and focused on how to approach, in an integrated way, safety and security aspects.

It is a fact that, nowadays it is not even possible to think of a system being safe without being secure; systems are increasingly more complex and we must therefore use technologies and approaches to address this complexity.

This is the context where the Conference QA&TEST Safety and Security emerged, as a response to this growing need in the industry with the profound analysis that the subject requires. 

QA&TEST Safety and Security will therefore hold its third edition on the 26th and 27th of April 2023 so SQS will offer two annual meeting points: The conference focused on Testing and QA for embedded systems in October and the conference on Safety and Security in April.

Call for papers 

The programme for this third edition of QA&TEST Safety and Security will be selected from a call for papers and all the proposals received will be evaluated by our international technical committee of experts.

We are looking forward to receiving proposals that address the integration of Safety and Security requirements in the development of a system to guarantee the commissioning and operation of Safe and Secure systems, complying with both the expected deadlines, as well as the budget and expectations of the different actors.

The different approaches from the point of view of standardization, conception, design, verification and validation and, in addition, all those presentations that reflect the challenges that we face in the different industrial sectors (critical infrastructures, railways, aeronautics, automobile…) will also be evaluated.

How to submit a paper

The QA&TEST Safety and Security call for papers will close on January the 15th.

The proposals sent must be 45 or 30 minute presentations, tutorials or workshops.

The evaluation of the ideas received will be based on the relevance of the topic addressed to the objectives of the conference, as well as on the quality and innovative content of the proposal. A short video (3-5 minutes) in which the speaker introduces himself, presents his proposal, his novelty and the relevance for the conference will be welcome and highly valued. Video is mandatory in case you are a new speaker for QA&TEST conferences.

*** Please note that we are looking for unique presentations so please declare if the paper has been presented (or is under submission) in any other conference. If so, please indicate where and outline shortly to which extend the two presentations differ.

What do you need

Fill out the online form

Add your introductory video

Provide additional informaiton

Contributors may add any additional information they consider of interest for the evaluation of the paper (draft of the presentation, more detailed information, video,…)

Fill the form using the submission platform.

The International Committee of Experts from QA&TEST will select the most relevant papers.

Papers should be sent in English.