Once again we are celebrating in Madrid the conference QA&TEST: Safety&Cybersecurity. This year we changed the venue to the Madrid Innovation Lab, located in the heart of the city. We will have attendees from different countries, who will not only deal with several of the most innovative topics in the field of safety and cybersecurity but will also be able to provide us with their points of view on the current state of the market and technologies. 

This year we have the following tracks: 

  • Cybersecurity and Safety in the Development Lifecycle . 
  • Cybersecurity Defence Techniques in Safety Domains. 
  • Industrial Safety & Cybersecurity: A Practical Approach . 

The programme will welcome experts who will share with us the advances and trends on how to apply the concepts of safety and cybersecurity to the product development life cycle. The safety concept, which tells us how to create products that are safe by design, is normally considered a world outside of cybersecurity, already focused on the final product. 

In our Safety&Cybersecurity conference, we will learn how to unify both worlds, and thus achieve products with a high degree of reliability and quality, applying the advice of some of the world’s leading experts in safety and cybersecurity.