Keys to building SAFE and SECURE systems.

Safety and Security have traditionally been considered separate disciplines and each of them has its own standards, regulatory frameworks, methodologies and tools. These are very mature disciplines with very high levels of implementation in organizations. Safety focuses on guaranteeing the safe behavior of a system in the face of unexpected environmental situations and Security focuses on guaranteeing that the system is capable of responding appropriately to intentional attacks.

The interconnection of systems has meant that these disciplines cannot be considered separately. In this sense, it cannot now be said that a system can behave safely (“Safe”) if it is not protected against attacks (“Secure”). There is a gap when it comes to addressing both concepts comprehensively. The level of maturity of this integration is not high and in fact, it is an issue that is of increasing concern in organizations.

The conference aims to respond to this interest, becoming a reference meeting point in the area. Currently it is not easy to access methodologies, techniques, tools or standards that allow us to effectively face the technical, regulatory, organizational and market challenges that such integration demands and this is the objective of QA&TEST Safety and Cybersecurity, to offer our attendees a meeting point where they have access to approaches and good practices that are being carried out in different sectors, with the ultimate objective of developing more competitive and robust solutions for the market with controlled levels of effort and cost.

QA&TEST Safety & Cybersecurity is designed for companies and profiles that can benefit and apply the lessons learned from all sectors of activity and, in this sense, in the program there are speakers from the railway sector, aeronautics, development of electronic components, etc.

We are talking about companies and entities specialized in the development of tools to support the process of development and operation of systems, regulatory and standardization entities and given that the conference addresses the entire life cycle of a product/system, we expect both design managers, product development and operation as well as certification and testing. Likewise, another of the audiences that we receive in QA&TEST SafSec are companies specialized in the development of tools for both IT security and support for the system development and testing process.

From a domain point of view, QA&TEST Safety and Cybersecurity is interesting for any sector of activity, since the numerous sector initiatives that are currently being developed regarding the integration of these two aspects have great applicability in other business activities.