Agustín Valencia

Fortinet (España)

Cybersecurity in FAT/SAT tests, for Control and for Safety

Cybersecurity should be considered from the design and, taking it into account when choosing the technologies to protect the systems is as important as knowing which cybersecurity issues must be tested at the different levels and in the different phases of a project.

In this session we will address a topic that is posing many challenges but is key to the correct development of new projects, which increasingly involve more digital platforms and different connectivities.

Agustín Valencia

20 years of experience in Energy, with a global vision of processes, technology, risks, regulatory evolution for the global CISO of Iberdrola.
Since 2021 working at Fortinet supporting the security of digital transformation, both for utilities and other sectors such as manufacturing, logistics or mobility, from ICS/OT to IoT and cloud. Co-Leader of the WG Industrial Cybersecurity (ISA/IEC 62443) at ISA Spain Chapter and Associate Professor at Universidad Pontificia Comillas – ICAI.