Cybersecurity has become an essential element, even more since more and more sectors depend on digital technology every day. Defence is part of the ones that has proposed a firmer response. 


The new war space is cyberspace, which is also essential for operations by any means (land, sea and air). In recent years, the Cybersecurity Strategy for the European Union has been created, adopted in December 2020 by the European Commission and the European External Action Service, where coordination in cyber defence is reinforced, as well as cooperation and creation of cyber defence capabilities. 


We have recently seen how cyber attacks against energy networks or transport infrastructures demonstrate that cyberspace has no borders, and a firm cyberdefence policy is necessary, supported by advances in regulations and standards, which will make all future Industrial infrastructures, especially those in critical sectors, have not only more efficient reactive mechanisms, but also preventive mechanisms that increase their safety and security.