Andrey Markovytch

Microsoft (Israel)

Developing Safety-Critical Systems: A Case Study in Automotive Security

Writing code for a safety critical system differs significantly from developing a web app, creating a game or even making a kernel driver. How do you develop a system controlling brakes in a car or a plane autopilot software without killing anyone ?

The rigorous requirements for the development process span much further than just writing and testing the code. As an example, we will case study a specific project for adding a security feature to one of the safety critical components in a modern car, learn about ASIL standard in an automotive industry and see what it means for the developers and other stakeholders in the process.

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A professional with over 10 years of experience as a tech or team lead in numerous projects with focus on security, cryptography, binary exploitation techniques, real-time embedded, networking and storage. Focusing on Embedded and Linux Security Research for a couple of last years.

Have experience in both offensive side and as a developer - building systems and components in a wide spectrum of abstraction layers, from Object Oriented languages to low level assembly.

Currently working as a Security Researcher in Microsoft with focus on Confidential Compute technologies and AI Security