Dan Horovitz

Intel (Israel)

Preventing cybersecurity attacks in safety certified AMR system

When it comes to securing safety certified system such AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), the safety might be considered as a black-box that isn’t or shouldn’t be influenced by security attacks, but the opposite is the right approach. Security experts and security architects should assess the safety systems embedded in their products, how they can be tampered, and they should map threats that can tamper with the safety building blocks of their product and the right mitigations to secure them.

Safety focuses on the potential result of an occurrence defined as a risk. Something will be identified as a Safety problem if there is an unacceptable risk of damage to people, property, or the environment. Safety (and Functional Safety) deal with random and unintentional events - accidents and failures where Security deals with intentional acts. It is not possible to be truly Safe without also being Secure.

If you are developing a product with safety aspects that talk will provide you insights on protecting a safety certified system form cyber security attacks as well maintaining the system’s safety aspects under all scenarios.

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Dan Horovitz is an experienced Principal Security Researcher, worked at Intel, McAfee, Checkpoint as well on several security startups for the last 15+ years, doing security product development as well as security assurance, security code review, architecture and design review and security validation.

Dan is a life-long hacker, security advocate, he has always had a passion for deconstructing technology, particularly since getting his first Commodore 64 at the age of 7 teaching himself BASIC programming. In his career, Dan has performed all forms of security assessments but given his developer and management background, he has a dedication to security architecture, security features development and security assurance. Dan has MBA & B.Sc in computer science from BGU and he's CISSP certified, reached the 3rd Black Belt Security in Intel, highest org. security certification.

Dan has authored several patents on privacy and security enhancements and presented papers in different conferences such: iSecCon, SWPC, Intel System Engineer, Intel TechWeek, QA&Test, INCOSE and MPower